Customer Retention Seminars introduces Retention Through Consulting, practical mentoring of service consultants and customer contact employees. Each seminar focuses on practical basic processes that provide participants the know-how to increase sales, improve communication skills, build stronger relationships and keep customers from defecting.

Following this seminar, you and your consultants will be able to...

  • Increase Customer Retention
    This program is focused on experiences that will help you and your consultants build lasting relationships with customers.
  • Eliminate Comebacks
    In job performance training, you and your consultants will be given the tools and help to develop skills for writing repair orders that contribute instantly to fix-it-right-the-first-time repairs.
  • Increase Sales Performance
    Through a series of interactions, you and your consultants learn about sales ethics, product and service benefits, the vehicle walk around and sales process, plus highly effective and easy to use closing techniques.

Mentoring consultants to improve:

  • Customer retention
  • Job performance
  • Sales
  • Greater profitability


  • Practical takeaways
  • Random monetary drawings
  • Access to forum/message board
  • Follow-up support between seminars
  • Advanced registration to future seminars
  • Assistance with ASE Consultant Certification
  • Availability of free personal counseling services

Your Consultants Will Learn:

  • 20 ways to better understand the job of service consultant
  • 10 ways to connect with the service customer
  • 8 criteria for evaluating and refining repair orders
  • 8 ways to effectively close a sale in the service lane
  • 7 methods for using service lane tools to drive retention and sales
  • 6 ways to create clear write ups
  • 5 ways to turn a complaining customer into your best friend
  • 5 customer benefits to regular vehicle maintenance
  • 5 customer benefits to having necessary repair work performed
  • 4 ways personal appearance affects sales and retention
  • 4 ways to avoid comebacks
  • 4 ways to increase technician flat rate hours
  • 4 ways to improve fixed right the first time performance
  • 4 keys to becoming an outstanding investigative consultant
  • 4 guaranteed ways to get the customer to return for service
  • 4 fundamentals of reporting customer concerns
  • 4 elements that should always appear on every repair order
  • 4 elements that should never appear on a repair order
  • The formula for delighting every customer
  • The formula for creating customer stories that grow the business
  • A sure fire ethical standard that drives customer retention and sales

and more...